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Our Company Policy


Refunds and Returns:

How do we sell our Fabrics?

The colours of the products that we upload on our website can sometimes not project the accurate colour of the Items. The pictures that we upload are taken in a more professional lighting and different room sizes. This means that sometimes a specific tone of blue might be seen on a picture then its accurate tone. We at FabricTextileCentral try our best to represent the ideal and accurate colour as much as possible however things might differ. However sometimes the issue can also occur because of a screen brightness or resolution. Please make sure to contact us if you have questions or if you want a sample. Regarding the weight or any questions about the product please do contact our staff team as Pictures do not represent the full product itself. This could be from the weight of the product or just the texture. So please get in contact with us if you have any questions.

We at FabricTectileCentral do NOT provide returns or refunds. However in certain circumstances or situations we can and do provide refunds. Please do be aware of our policy before purchasing any of our products. Consult our Support team with your situation, problem and be aware if they decline your refund request that it is in our policy right to do so. Also we choose not to refund items as they are cut to preferred and chosen length.

We sell all of our fabrics as per metre, all listed prices are per length.

We also ship internationally but prices do differ accordingly. 

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